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What You Are Doing Wrong - "Why Your Hubby Is Crazy About His Mistress & Won't Let Her Go"

Ladies please stop bitching and read this piece carefully. I don't support extra marital affair though but singles ladies can learn to prevent future adultery. Here are the possible reasons your husband is crazy about his mistress and is not ready to let her go...

1. SHE LISTENS TO HIM while you are busy attending to the children, the chores, the business and forget that he even exists. You ignore him a lot and sometimes shout at him!

2. SHE RESPECTS, SUBMITS TO HIM AND TOTALLY ADORES HIM: She hangs to his words like the words of divinity. Celebrates him, admire him, praises him silly and is very fond of him.

3. SHE IS ROMANTIC: She goes completely crazy for him. While you are calling him by his first name or "baba Bayo", she gives him a sweet pet name and coos all those sweet nothings: "I love you", "I'm crazy for you...", "wanna die for you honey", "you are the sweetest, cutest thing in my world, etc." Into his ears.

4. SHE BUILDS HIS SEXUAL FANTASIES, she knows how to turn him on. Men are crazy for wives who turn them on.

5. SHE IS PASSIONATE IN BED. Come on, while you are lying down there like a log of wood completely dis-interested, she takes charge in bed! Energetic, passionate, wild, sweet to touch, versatile, switch into different styles like a pro and makes your husband scream her name over and over again. She makes sex so delicious he practically thinks about her 24/7.

6. SHE IS GETTING SLIMMER WHILE YOU ARE GETTING FATTER. Your husband hate the fat though he is not telling you.

7. SHE NEVER SAYS NO TO SEX. She is eager and ready any time, Mayday, any how, any where!

8. SHE SMELLS GOOD while you ooze body odour from morning till night.


9. SHE TREATS HIM LIKE A LOVER BOY YET RESPECT HIM. You treat him like a grand dad and stop being romantic. She brings out the boy in him and play with him excitedly. At 50, she makes him feel 25. Men are completely crazy for women who play with them.

10. SHE PACKAGES HER BODY LIKE A SWEET SIXTEEN while you always dress like his great grand mother.

11. SHE IS GENEROUS while you are stingy.

12. SHE BELIEVES IN HIM, you despise him.

13. SHE PRAISES HIM, you despise and abuse him.

14. SHE SERVES HIM DELICIOUS FOOD WITH VARIERIES, your food is bland, tasteless and lacks variety.

15. SHE IS ALWAYS HAPPY TO SEE HIM, HEAR HIM ON PHONE AND EAGERLY WAIT FOR AND SEND HIM CHATS while you ignore him at the door after a hard day work at the office...

These and more are the reasons your husband is madly in love with his mistress and is not ready to let her go.

Once again, I do mot support an affair but trust me, if your dear hubby is not getting satisfied at home, there is a tendency to fall into temptation out there.

Some women complain they've done everything they knew how to do, yet their husbands still chase his mistress. Trust me baby, you've not done EVERYTHING you need to do. There are still MORE to do to get your husband back. It is not only sex a man wants in a mistress, he wants much more that he is lacking at home, find out and deal with it.

You are in real competition with the LovePeddler! Don't let her win. If she uses charm, you add prayer to your weapons and in no time you win your husband back. Read HIS NEEDS, HER NEEDS (How to build an affair proof marriage) by Gary Chapman, it will help you a lot. You will not lose your husband to another woman in Jesus name.I love you so much baby. Keep working at it. Feel free to share. 

God bless you. Cheers!

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