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TSTV May Not Launch On October 1st Again, Cabals Reportedly Frustrating Their Efforts

I can't believe this. Were is the much preached "made in Nigeria products" since the government won't allow local content to be successful because of greed? TSTV was poised to launch on October 1st, 2017 but information reaching us is that that dream might not come to pass.

First of all, this might just be a rumor but I really doubt if it is a rumor because it is coming from a very reliable source AutoJosh. I'm not surprised though because when I first heard about TSTV, I immediately recalled how HiTV fizzled/muscled away.

This country is really a joke. This information is according to an insider that is close to the management of TSTV and was shared online this evening. I sincerely pray that this promising and wonderful satellite TV will not be dead on arrival.

We are still waiting for this responds on this matter.

Read the info below...

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