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The New NGO Bill: Its Implications On NGOs In Nigeria, Including Churches & Mosque - Photos

Yes the bill is a nightmare to some people and many are arguing that the passage of the bill will curtail corruption in Nigeria to up to 50% because looters in our society has been using this so called NGO's as well as churches to loot the country dry since their services are not regulated.

Regardless of what the intention maybe, people are not comfortable with some of the rules specified in the Bill and has also exercised lack of trust in the government part, hence prompting the idea of "what is the government's motive".

The question is, s this bill necessary in such a time? While most governmental structures are epileptic, is this the only way to stifle the sources of funds 'non-governmentally' sourced for terrorism. Does the content of the NGO bill shows control or regulation?
See the summery and digest for yourself... I mean how can one obtain an explicit permission from the government before they could evacuate or help the dire needy? Knowing how the bureaucracy of the government? 

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