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Samsung's Power Trucks: Imagine If All Dangote Trucks Were Built Like This - Photos & Video

I know it will be a big challenge for this truck to run/work in Nigeria but imagine if it is possible. Imagine if all dangote trucks were like this, God knows there will be little accident on our roads.

Semi-trailers are dangerous and stressful obstacles when drivers try to pass them, so Samsung has come up with a great way to make things a little bit easier for other drivers. They’ve attached giant TVs to the back so that drivers can see the road ahead before trying to pass.

According to Samsung’s video footage, almost one person dies in a traffic accident every hour in Argentina, so the need for something like their ‘Safety Truck’ is definitely there. The system is simple, though perhaps a bit cost-prohibitive – a small camera on the front broadcasts a live feed of the road to the screens on the back. There’s even a night-vision mode for night-time driving.

The truck’s prototype has already been tested, though no models are currently on the road. Samsung claims to be working together with local governments to figure out how to optimize the system for live road use. “So far Samsung has been able to confirm that the technology works and that this idea can definitely save the lives of many people,” .

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