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Nigeria Police Force Reiterates - "Everyone Is A Suspect"

Trust be told, everybody and anybody can submit to any search if requested by the police but manhandling people and imposing allegations on them just to extort money is what the Nigerian citizens is frowning about.

You don't expect people to submit to searching willingly knowing fully well that you have concluded that they are guilty and looking lore a way to nail them and collect bribe instead of searching and doing your job. Police should also know that "everybody is presumed innocent until proven guilty"

A twitter user seeking a safe future for posterity got a response from the Nigeria Police and we'd like to know if you agree with the security agency.

@moverick said.. "I want a future where a police officer will not manhandle my son or shoot him just because he wears a beard or is carrying a laptop".and Nigeria Police Force responded saying.. "The future u want is here. Educate ur children to always submit to police search if requested cos everybody is a suspect".

What do you think about this notion? 

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