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Mother Goes Unclad In Birthday Shoot For Her 4-Year-Old Son - Good Or Bad Influence?

Motherhood or parenting this days is something or a subject that has been in the mouth of everybody and it seems that no conclusion on a way to go about it has been reached. Mothers this days can go to any length to celebrate their kids and not only that, they now do unclad photoshoot during pregnancy to say the less.

The latest going on now is going unclad to celebrate their kids birthday. I ask, did your own mother do this for you? If she thought it was moral, why didn't she do same for you? And please don't give me the crap answer that she lacked imagination because this is totally wrong.

A mother shared this photos on socials, to mark the birthday shoot for her four year old son and captioned it - "Keep your negative comments to yourselves, he is mine" 

What are your thoughts?

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