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Meet Nigeria Inventor (Ikpeoha) Who Makes Made-In-Nigeria Electronics

Inventors of our time. How many Nigerian invents something this days? I think the answer is almost none. Well, neet talented inventor Ugochukwu Ikpeoha who needs sponsors for his work.

A Nigerian inventor identified as Ugochukwu Godson Ikpeoha has called on Nigerians who can sponsor his work to help him. He makes made-in-Nigeria electronics.

He shared his story on social media asking for assistance for better production of his works. In his message, the talented man expressed that he wished to invent more things to contribute to the development of Nigeria.

He wrote:

“I am in need of sponsorship to help me innovate more and contribute to Nigeria's development.

Please drop a message on the comment box below if you are interested on investing in this young talented Nigerian.

More photos of his inventions..

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