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Market Women In Owerri, Others On The Run Because Of Soldiers Maltreatment - Video

This stupidity is going on and we have a president in this country. This is utterly nonsense. How is it that the Nigeria Army is now channeling their resource to making life miserable for the innocent citizens in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Is also unfortunate that the UN or the so called international communities are not seeing what is happening. I am indeed disappointed with Mr. President. This shows that Eastern part has never been Nigerians and can never be included as Nigerians.

I wonder what Rochas, the Imo State Governor is thinking right now. This has gone on for too long and the video of the maltreatment of the Ipob by Nigerian soldiers is the worst it can get. May God protect this people and feed their enemies to their nemesis.

See videos of the mayhem the Nigerian Army is causing in the Imo State capital, Owerri.

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