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Kidnappers Allegedly Murders Police Officer Who Tried To Rescue A Kidnapped Victim - Graphic

Crime continues to thrive in Nigeria despite the efforts of the Federal Government to make sure crime is battled to a standstill. The people of Benin City witnessed yet another brutality perpetuated by kidnappers in the state as they shot and killed police officers.

According to the information shared by Jefferson, a Facebook user, security officials were killed yesterday during Ogba Zoo attack in Benin City. Though he didn't state what actually killed them but below is what he shared...

'Pls pray for the families of these galant victims of Ogba Zoo attack in Benin City yesterday'. 

One of the Facebook users named Violet Odigie who commented on the post said they were killed by kidnappers.According to her,they were killed while trying to rescue a kidnap victim.

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