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Igbos/Southern Christians Protest At CNN, No Restructure, No One Nigeria - Video

Now this is what I call protest unless Nigerian propagandist turns it to be another thing. This is happening right now folks. Igbos/Southern Christians has taken their
potest to CNN ...

Nnamdi Kanu may have taken his protest to extreme but align with this people. They are not IPOB members; they are Igbo. They are not demanding for secession, they are calling for restructuring. They are not engaged in hate speech. They are not calling for anybody to be killed. 

They are not threatening to kill anybody and they are not calling their country a zoo. They are different from Nnamdi Kanu. That is why I allign myself with their position. I just pray they don't make it a Christian versus Muslim thing, we have Igbo Muslims and Hausa Christians.

See footage below....

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