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Do You Know That Fear Of Being Without Your Mobile Phone Is A Mental Illness? - Must Read

Must people might very surprised at this but guess what, this is real. What is Nomophobia? It is a mental illness caused by the anxiety you often express when you discover that you have left your house without your phone or you forgot it somewhere. 

Sometime you feel like a part of your major body organ has been caught off. Other times you feel like an incomplete human being.

Well, you are actually killing yourself with a mental ailment called nomophobia. British research came up with this concept and have done studies to explain its causes, symptoms and cure. Nomophobia is the fear of being without your phone or losing your signal. 

A person who suffers from nomophobia is referred to as a nomophobe. Are you a nomophobe? Do you know what it does to your health? Please read this!

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