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Did She Dress Sexy? A Ugandan Court Clerk Suspended For Dressing Too "Sexy" - Photo

African and hypocrisy. How does the dressing of this look anywhere near sexy? Sometime I don't understand this African continents, especially the black race. We put too much value on morality than what we should be focusing on (corruption).

A court clerk in Uganda has been suspended for 2 weeks after reportedly dressing in a seductive way to her workplace. The lady, identified simply as Rosemary, drew the ire of judicial authorities after appearing before them in a seductive dress.

According to reports, she was subsequently suspended for two weeks without salary for her indisciplined way of dressing. This was made known in a letter signed by the Ugandan Permanent Secretary to the Judiciary, Ms Josephine Mawunge, who explained that her intermission from work was due to her wearing of “a very short and tight dress”.

Part of the statement read;

“This is to inform you that on the 21st September, 2017, while you were invited to the Permanent Secretary of the judiciary for an explanation regarding the nonpayment of your salary and allowances, for the month of July 2017, you turned up dressed in a manner that does not portray the good image of the judiciary and the public at large.

“In particular, you were dressed in a very short and tight dress which by description does not fall within the generally acceptable standards of the establishment notice.”

Hmmm, na wa for Africa o...

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