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Court In Gombe Remands A Woman Who Wants To Marry Her Son's Friend To Prison

A female teacher with the Gombe Local Education Authority has been remanded in prison custody over her planned marriage to the friend of her first son. Hussaina Abba, who teaches Arabic at a primary school in Gombe, earlier sued her late husband’s siblings and her children before a court for opposing her planned marriage.

What is it with women? They can even marry their grandchild as long as he has cannon between his legs.

She told the area court sitting at Idi Quarters that her late husband’s younger siblings - Aliyu Mohammed and Abdullahi Bello - were opposed to her planned marriage simply because the groom is a friend and classmate of her first son.

Hussaina told the court that the duo refused to take custody of six out of the 11 children left behind by their late elder brother to allow her to marry the man. She said since the death of her husband years ago, she did not receive any marriage proposal until the arrival of the man, who she later learned was a friend to her first son. She said she agreed to the young man’s marriage proposal because of the love and genuine care he had shown to her.

However, the plaintiffs told the court that she refused their earlier offer to take custody of the children, but only changed her position now that she wants to re-marry a man that is an age mate and friend of her son.

They also told the court that they objected to the marriage because the man is of questionable character. Also, her eldest son, Mohammed Bello Adamu, who represented his siblings at the court, opposed the planned marriage between his mother and his friend. He said there was a time the same man threatened to kill the younger sister of his mother’s friend for refusing to sleep with him.

He added that the man must have cast a spell on his mother, hence her strange behaviour and being adamant to marry him despite opposition from various quarters. On her part, the Hussaina said she had already collected N15,000 as part payment of the dowry from the suitor, Abdussalam Abdulkadir.

“Since this marriage is not against any law, I love him and want to marry him because he is the only man that proposed to marry me since the death of my husband years ago. Therefore I will not shelve my planned marriage because of objection from my children or anyone else,” she told the court.

When asked by the court if the allegations against him were true, Abdulkadir answered in the affirmative. He however said that he still loves the mother of his onetime classmate and is ready to marry her.

The presiding judge, Malam Saleh Jibrin, ordered that both Hussaina and Abdulkadir be remanded in prison custody in order to dispel the alleged charm. He adjourned the matter to September 26 for continuation of hearing.

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