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Couples Fights Dirty In A Mall, Leaving Their Children Scream In Fear - Video

A fight between two couples inside a New Jersey Walmart Mall was so chaotic that their young children were left screaming and trying to separate the dueling adults, NY Daily has reported.

The sad incident which was captured on camera and shared on video-sharing site Live Leak shows two men throwing punches at each other near the store’s jewelry section while their wives fights dirty on the other side.

In the background, shoppers can be heard yelling for the couples to stop but they continued. During the melee two young children run up to the group and try to break them apart. The kids can be heard screaming as Walmart employees and a female onlooker try to calm things down.

A Walmart spokesman told NJ.com that the fight happened Saturday at the Union store on Springfield Road and they cannot ascertain what sparked the brawl. In her words:

“We cannot definitely say why the fight broke out,” spokesman Charles Crownson told the outlet.

Watch video below:

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