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Controversial Ghanaian Comedienne's (Afia Schwarzenegger) Sex Video Trends On Social Media

 Controversial Ghanaian Comedienne's (Afia Schwarzenegger) Sex Video Trends On Social Media

You will be correct to assume that Nigerians hate Afia already and will do anything to spite her considering her bad mouth and how she condemned out dear president when he traveled and spent more than 3 months in London for medical purposes. 

But that is not the case here. This right here is real. Within a week or two after reports of a supposed nude video of Ghanaian TV show host and comedianne, Afia Schwarzenegger broke, the full 2:33 minutes video of the incident has been leaked onto social media.

According to reports, the estranged husband of Afia Schwarzenegger, Mr. Lawrence Abrokwah recorded the video after he received a tip off from Afia's maid that she was cheating in their matrimonial home. Though like all ladies, Afia denied the presence of any such video and in the same breath threaten to sue media houses and bloggers who reported on the issue.

However, as the full video got leaked on social media and messaging platforms, the actress had changed her tune and stated that she was not married to Abrokwah at the time he barged into her house and caught her in bed. In the full video, which has since spread across social media like a fire, Afia Schwarzenegger is seen in bed with her supposed lover.

Lawrence Abrokwah seems to be the man behind the phone we hear his voice using unprintable words to describe Schwarzenegger while threatening her with a bottle which he said contained acid.

Afia's lover, is seen in the video, but he quickly bolts out the room in his boxer short, presumable scared of the acid being brandish by Lawrence Abrokwah. Before bolting, he is heard asking Lawrence, "what have I done" in local parlance Asante Twi. The bizarre video has several twists and turns as Afia Schwarzenegger begs her husband, Lawrence Abrokwah in some parts; boldly calls him out in other parts and even talks of how he used to beat her up in their marriage.

Chai - in the words of Chris Brown, "This girls aint loyal"

Lawrence Abrokwah, husband of Afia Schwarzenegger has been arrested and is set to appear before a domestic violence court today in Ghana. According to reports, he will be facing charges for recording and circulating the video of alleged infidelity involving the Comedienne.

See video below..

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