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Check Out This Massively Endowed Curvy Tanzanian Model, Sanchoka - Photos

How is it that God will give one lady more than enough to be beautiful and deny others, even just small selling point, them no go get. This is indeed Tanzanian beauty.

While we may be acquainted with Toolz, Anita Joseph, Daniella Okeke and Vera Sidika's derriere, a new star with a massive curvy backside has come on stage. When they say 'the beautiful once are not yet born', no be joke.

Tanzanian socialite and model, Sanchoka is the latest celebrity to set the internet on fire with her derrierre, she is so so endowed guys and she is flaunting it. According to reports, the Tanzanian model Sanchoka, is said to have won the biggest booty in Africa, with her hips reportedly around 52-inch.

See photos below;

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