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Automobile Problems: "I've Had It With 4-Cylinders Engine Cars

They say experience is the best teacher, but the problem with that is that you had already falling a victim before learning and this is called learning the hard way. Wouldn't it be nice if you learn from people's experience instead of falling a victim first? Now that is the best.

This is the reason why you shouldn't give a hoot about 4 cylinder engines and instead go for a 6 cylinder cars. This is the account of a friend on NL...

Greetings Lads, (and) Lasses who hang with the Lads here.

Y'all remember the ever-so popular Club-lexus? Well this is another Lexus-praising thread and primarily to say 'I RESENT 4-CYLINDERS'

I've been there and back in the past with the Opel and their ecotec engines and complex electronics, the Mazda 2.5L V6, the Lexus ES 3L V6 VVT-i and the Camry(s) which I still own (for now)... Albeit only a handful but i've come to a convicted conclusion- naturally-aspired or not, 4-cylinders are CRAP, humongous CRAP. They rank within the lower strata of internally-combusted automobiles.

Here's why I think very little of them (now) in a somewhat short description. Ride quality is sacrificed (for the most part), Vibrations are ever-so present, noise sipping out into the cabin as you drive along and it's nowhere over with it's flaws. I can't live with these, not anymore. Need I mention Power and Torque? Yes, in the next line.

I remember when I was made to drive into and through a flood within Festac extension (before the roads were tarred). I don't know how to calculate distance but my Lexus V6 was submerged in water for well over 30mins. I couldn't go any faster either, who struts the gas pedal when inside water, not to mention the invisible portholes and mini-ditches by virtue of the damaged roads and heavy rains. I could see water leveled atop my windshield (no exaggeration).. With all the torment to the car that day, car drove flawlessly for another 3 years before it was sold. Try that with the Toyota Camry 2.4L (which I currently own) or a Honda Accord of the same engine displacement.

Yeeaahh I know the 4-cyl/6-cyl analogy/debate is popular knowledge and I'm aware of the 'different strokes for different folks' notion but Damn! Nigerians are afraid of a lot! I recently met a well-dressed-seemingly-smart-man at a gas station and I found him not to be smart in the end when he mentioned his fears of a V6 engine. Afraid of a V6 engine? His reasons were ludicrously alarming and I prefer not to talk about it. It's this sort of people that would say 'my vehicle's 120km/h is faster than your vehicle's 140km/h'.. Haha.

Now for the Lexus? I can tell, yes I can. Having befriended other car brands, I've been laid flat on my face and whipped with the rough end of a pineapple, I underwent perpetual misery with the Mazda and the Opel, or maybe I knew very little then.. Reliability, safety, luxury, ride quality, and even ergonomics IMO, et all. Hmmm. Lexus wins.

Earlier this year, I sat in the cabin of a 2014 GX460 and it was a 'wowser' even though I didn't even drive it. I don't know of an MB of it's class that has better luxury and attention to detail.

Caveat- We know a 4-cyl can be made to be as powerful as a 6-cyl or even an 8-cyl but I don't fancy the general feel of the Turbo either. That's not the point here anyway.

So now I'm swerving to a naturally-aspired 3.3L V6. The Lexus ES 330. Thank goodness it comes with a base V6 as Standard.

I can't afford to run multiple cars now so imma have to let go of my older Camry (I just over-hauled it's engine so I no kuku send the hediot car again)

Brewed thoughts are welcome.

Gazzuzz (A very good man)
Kingreign ( I dey vex for you)
EgunMogaji ( The man that has owned 300 cars and hopes to make it to 500, the Nigerian-Americana)
Nurey ( Long-distance driver? Not sure)
Princetom1 ( Fire-fighter)
ExInferis ( Mr Tesla)
Sultaan ( Isn't he the Nissan die-hard? Or not)
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And all.

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