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“Autocorrect Has Finally Finished Me” - Nigerian Man Laments After 'Insulting' Mother

I don't know why this Oyibo people no dey take Africans in consideration when programming this autocorrect softwares and apps.

A Nigerian man identified as @itsBollyLomo on social media, shared a screenshot of how auto-correct, corrected a message he sent to his mom which turned the statement to insult. And trust Nigerian mums, they may even go to Ifa priest for this singular insult...lol

He shared the screenshot with the caption:
“Autocorrect has finally finished me”

Nigerians immediately hit the thread to react Hilariously. See some comments below;

@LordOreos_ wrote: “Go collect her phone. Delete am.”

@TheFJAY_ wrote: “Better go and start reciting The Lord’s Prayer”

Another user, who felt the screenshot might be fake, asked why a grown man will be addressing his mother with “How Far?”.. But then, a user quickly pointed out that the mother probably went somewhere, and he was only asking her, How Far it went..:

"Probably she went somewhere and he was like mum how far. Like how far the place she went to I guess”

“Uncle just quickly share your properties and pick site for burial with immediate effect”

While others are waiting for a screenshot of his mother’s reply........

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