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See How This Young Landlord Who Is A UNIBEN Graduate Makes His Money

What an inspiring story shared by a Facebook user. This is unbelievable and yet people will be looking for job everywhere instead doing something with their lives.

As shared by Uche....

'Keep balling in club with 20 thousand naira every Friday night oo n dey will be hailing u wit bucket of wine na e-wu oku. shebi no for der e finish?  Be carrying gals up n down inugo. Echi asi gi nna what's ur investment u will be looking like a frozen chicken wit no head

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Meet a Young land Lord, his name is Rhino banks count the flats ooo. I did not say house owner 
Asi mu landlord 
Uni-ben graduate 
Meat seller 

Dear Nigeria youths in what ever you do Jisike
Der's no shame in legit '

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