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See Facebook Page Nigerian Men Pays N2000 To Watch Nude Girls Every Friday (18+ Photos)

So na here Nigerian guys they hang out every Friday ba, God catch them. This is not joke oo. Them don graduate reach this level? A Facebook page was stumbled on, where Nigerian men spend their Friday Nights to watch unclad girls, and of course, it’s not free, they pay N2,000 for it.

So according to the information passed round to potential subscribers by the convener, identified as Osas Vanessa Osifo, here’s how it works; you pay the money, then you’re given a number for a Whatsapp Channel where you have free access to watch these unclad girls. So far so good, nobody has complained, so it seems business is going smoothly.

Here are some of the messages passed round to potential subscribers;

“I want to thank all the members in the NNV show for making it a success to another level on the show from the platform we say thank you….please don’t forget our show still commence this Friday on the 4th…we will be making welcome to new members on the show…it going to be a one of it kind….please for those interested on the show should please add me up on whatsapp please if you not interested don’t add me,,, else you will be kicked out of my whatsapp list with immediate ineffect …registration cost 2,000 naira”

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