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Romance: 5 Sweet & Cute Ways To Ask Your Crush Out That She Can't Reject

Asking a girl out is something that comes easy for 20% of guys but the rest 80% are stuck with "how will I do it", "will she accept?", "am scared".  Well, your savior is here and you need not panic anymore. I will teach you how not to make it easy for her to say no or even want to say no. 

Girls find it irresistible when guys are innovative and put some thought and effort into asking them out. Below are five cute approaches to ask that lady you have been eyeing out.

1. This way to ask a girl out will cost you a couple of bucks, however it is going to be really worth it. Find out the name of a movie she really wants to see, and try to find out if she has plans for the weekend you want to attend the movie. Buy the tickets earlier, put them in an envelope and drop them in her mail box (don’t waste time mailing it). Include a note saying, “I know you want to see this film. So do I. I was hoping we could see it together this weekend.” This will surely make her smile. Put your number on the note so she can call to confirm.

2. Ladies like it when they get attention, or are asked out, in front of their friends, and if there’s a gift involved, in particular. Go to one of those shops that sells bath and body merchandise and purchase a multiple samples of body spray and lotion. Then ask the sales clerk for a little card and a piece of paper. Write down your name and number if she doesn’t know it, and write something corny like “roses are red, violets are blue, can I take you on a date? I promise I wont have you out late.” When you deliver the present, make sure some of her friends are around and you’ll be sure to see her giggle.

3. Buy her a large cookie asking her out on a date. Keep it short and to the point. Have a note written on the cookie that says “will you go out with me, I promise to be sweet.”

4. Get her one of those little teddy bears that you could record a little message that asks her out. If she has a sense of humor, say something funny while asking her out on a date, or keep it easy and leave her a sweet message. If you know what her favorite animal is, try to get a stuffed one of those. You can always get a little recorded device to go along with the stuffed animal to play your message.

5. You can never go wrong with giving a woman a bouquet of flowers, or just a single rose to ask her out. If cash is an issue, try using balloons. Heart-shaped balloons might also do the trick. Don’t be afraid to include the words, “Will you go out with me” written on them

source: Mademen

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