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"Pro-Buhari Supporters Caught Sharing Money In Abuja" - Deji Adeyanju (Pics)

The day we as a nation will understand that the average politicians in this country do not care about our well-being as the citizens, that is the day thing will turn from worse to better. And that is the day Nigeria will become great again.

The only thing I pray is to witness that day. Recall that earlier this week leaders.ng said that pro Buhari supporters received N200m from Buratai and nnpc gmd and N100m from Wife of the President, Aisha Buhari ... 

And people thought it was all rumors, Well is not....hmmm they where right afterall 

This country have no redemption and soul. Forget it this country is dead since the youths that supposed to be making these old men work will accept stipends from them and shut up. 

Nigeria is dead as it stands. In fact sometimes I have wondered how someone go out and say he or she s Pro-Buhari. NOW I KNOW HOW

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