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Man Cry For Help: "My Wife's Leg Is Decaying Because Of Witch Fire" - Graphic Pics

A man on has cried out for help via Facebook after his wife's leg started decaying from what he described as 'Usu Tiv' meaning 'witch fire'. Sometimes I wonder why Nigerians can't use their witch to invent better things instead frustrating people up and down.

He wrote:

The leg sure looks like it's decaying. Here's hoping his wife gets help soon.

Editor's Note:

Please if anyone is in a position to help this man or have a suggestion for him, please hook up with him on his Facebook page. God will surely reward the person. Remember he is not asking for financial help. He is just asking for solution. 

FYI - 419ners please steer clear before Amadioha go fire the person.

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