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Is This Love? Young Nigerian Man Finds Love In Very Older White Lover - Photos

I don't know how lovely you think this union is or how "love" is actually blind, but this right here, is not natural. This isn't natural guys and no matter what you gonna say about this right here, or how you want to defend it, the fact is remains; "guys marry the ladies they want when they are rich but marry the ladies they need when they are poor".

Love they say does not know color, age or barriers! A young Nigerian man couldn't hide his happiness as he got married to his lovely older white lover identified as Anna Maria in a simple ceremony with his parents in attendance.

The Nigerian man identified as Onoriode Samuel from Delta state knelt down to kiss his woman's hands as a sign of love and appreciation. The couple who wore fitting clothes could be seen posing with the parents of the Nigerian man.

Friends and family members took to social media to congratulate the couple. The wedding ceremony took place in Delta state.

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