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Happening Now: Total Solar Eclipse Begins On US West Coast - Watch Live By NASA

This is wonderful and this is the first time this Eclipse is occurring since the last one in 1918. The Eclipse has already began since 15mins ago and in about 2 hours time, US West Coast will be covered in total darkness in the middle of the day.

CNN correspondent, Pit is reporting the scene live from West Coast University in United States and you can watch the Eclipse in Virtual Reality on CNN.COM/ECLIPSE

According to NASA, on August 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun. Viewers around the world will be provided a wealth of images captured before, during, and after the eclipse by 11 spacecraft, at least three NASA aircraft, more than 50 high-altitude balloons, and the astronauts aboard the International Space Station – each offering a unique vantage point for the celestial event.

The Sun will be covered for 2 and half minutes and all the areas in questions like Oregon will experience total darkness for 2 and half minutes. This is almost 100 years last this kind of eclipse happened.

Total eclipse is expected ..... more pics as it progresses .. Remember, wear your glasses to avoid total blindness

Watch live coverage by NASA and more pictures below...

Updates... Total Eclipse just occurred for the first time since 1918...

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