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Checkout The One Room Self Contain I Saw At Ajah For Rent - Just Like Dog House

Make una see the kind house landlords dey build now for mmadu chineke kere eke to sleep inside. When did human being become a dog abeg? This house is located in Mayfair Gardens Ajah - Sangotedu axis, Lagos State.

I thought before one builds a house, the government will approve the plan first. Are you telling me that Lagos State government approved this kind of plan of house for someone to live inside it?

I think is time for this country to seat up and stop this status quo of a thing, it will not get us anywhere. I saw on news today that Emir of Kaduna or so (not sure) is kicking against restructuring of Nigeria and my question is, are people crazy?

You can see the said house as advertised on olx.ng website and the house is even going for N150k per year. These landlords are crazy. And the agent wey advertise am self, e bi like say make I just kill am..lol

Guys this is the more reason why you should put hand on deck and build your own house. This nonsense is getting too much.

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