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Igbos Prefer Restructuring Of Nigeria, Not Secession – Ohanaeze

The President-General of Ndigbo apex organisation, Ohanaeze, Chief John Nwodo, on Friday, said the Igbo preferred restructuring of the country to total break-up. In a statement in Abuja, Nwodo was quoted as saying this while addressing a cross-section of Ndigbo leaders in Abuja.

He was quoted to have said the Igbo has more stake in Nigeria and as such cannot leave. The Ohanaeze leader said there was no part of the country where Ndigbo had not invested their resources, even without corresponding investment in Igboland.

He said Ohanaeze does not consider secession as a reasonable option.

The statement read, “He (Nwodo) said that restructuring will bring Nigeria to a level where every person of any tribe, religion or class, would have a sense of belonging and in return, give their best for the development of the country.”

Nwodo also announced that steps were being taken by the body to carry the youth of the region along and ensure that Igbo people have a common and unified position on the way forward.

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