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Airtel Nigeria Launches Unlimited Data Packages - See Prices & Codes

Airtel is back with data unlimited. We have been anticipating for the Unlimited Data Plan from Airtel after much video advert from them and to make it a surprised it was secretly launched without any announcement from almighty Airtel. As we are expecting an Unlimited data to browse will mama calls.

Airtel NG has earlier teased an unlimited package and now, they have silently launched the plan without any word from them. The Unlimited package comes in 3 different packages, meaning you can choose anyone that best suite you.

Airtel Unlimited Packages 

You can dial *141# and follow prompt or alternately use the below codes;

➽ N10,000 Unlimited Packages / Validity is 30 days.

➽ N15,000 Unlimited Packages / Validity is 30 days .

➽ N20,000 Unlimited Packages / Validity is 30 days .

How To Activate It 

➽ For N10,000 Unlimited Packages, dial *471#

➽ For N15,000 Unlimited Packages , dial *463# 

➽ For N20,000 Unlimited Packages , dial *351# 

What is not clear right now is the fact that they have different package, because i don't know why they had to make different package if its actually unlimited. I wasn't expecting this much on the price also fare usage policy will apply .

Any ideals? Cuz am thinking it is not truly unlimited.

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