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Actress Munachi Abii Celebrates Her Dog’s Pregnancy With A Puppy Shower - Photos

Munachi Abii and Puppy Shower

Watin person no go see we country this days o. This is a new trend that is undoubtedly going to be the next trending stuff amongst celebrities this days. You can quote me on this. From adopting the Baby Shower craze to taking the game to the next level by doing Puppy Shower. 

Ex Beauty Queen, Munachi Abi has thrown a puppy shower for her pregnant dog. She held a photo shoot for her cute Yorkshire terriers, one of which is pregnant. She captioned the pictures on Instagram as..

”We are PupSpecting. Gave my babies a cute pregnancy photoshoot/ puppy shower these two are too adorable for their own good”

Lovely dogs anyway.. More pics below..

Munachi Abii and Puppy Shower

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