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A Teenage Girl Who Slept With Nigeria Porn Star, Kingtblakhoc, Apologies

One of the numerous girls Nigeria porn star (Kingtblakhoc) featured in his censored videos has come out and apologies for taken part in such an act. If you do follow him, you must have come across this teenage girl who goes by the name HOC Smallie.

Well, see her apology later to her fans below..

“Hi guys these message is for everyone on my snap. I want to guess everyone is matured enough to know what’s right from wrong. I know some of you guys care about me if not you won’t want to show me the videos you see about me on the web and I’m really grateful for that..

..But please, I have seen these videos before and its really hurting okay. Some of you think this girl don’t care, se is not even moved with what’s going on. I swear guys I am but you don’t expect me to cry all day, I’m trying to make amends of my wrong doing.

and for those who advised me, I’m grateful, and don’t think this girl is being adamant too it, your advise is what am working on. I really want to thank some people I call friends who never gave on me. there is a saying you only know your true friends in times of crisis.

And I just hope you all understand me. Don’t judge people always, you are no saint also. so please guys anything you see it just ignore and for tose that post on their snap. a job well done. and on Facebook also congrat. I hope all those pics and videos will make you someone in life.”

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