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Wizkid Replies & Blasts Davido On Twitter - "You Failed, You Are Local"

What is really wrong with this two guys wey "get money"? This is the problem with making money too early. You forget to learn manners and mature very well. Yea yea, they say money is everything but look at what it has brought for us. Two kittens....

Why can't these two wonderful and top Nigerians music stars respect themselves and play in their own box? Davido go blast Wizkid today, tomorrow Wizkid go blast am back and vise vaser. Why can't they big up or one of them should at least be the bigger man.

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Earlier today after Davido shaded Wizkid on his snapchat and Wizkid who wasn't happy about the whole childish stunt took to Twitter to pour out his anger. In turn, advised the "Kids" to Drink more water. 

See his tweet below..


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