What You Must Not Tell Kidnappers If Kidnapped – Revealed By A Victim

Nobody prays for certain things to happen to him or her in life but that doesn't mean you shouldn't prepare for eventualities. The truth is, there are certain things you need not tell a kidnapper if you are kidnapped and if make mistake on this, it will certainly spell your death.  

Contrarily to what people think, "that kidnappers know your worth", some kidnappers don't really care or know your worth before kidnapping you. All they want is ransom money and they are done with it, especially the Fulani men.

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Truth is, the arrest of notorious and billionaire kidnap kingpin, Evans, does not decimate kidnap cases in Nigeria. Kidnappers are on the look-out for the next victim. One just need to be vigilant so as not to fall prey into their hands.

An abductee of one of the recent kidnap cases of the Abuja-Kaduna expressway has revealed the traumatic experience he and others underwent in the hands of their dreaded abductors. The victim, who craved anonymity for security concerns, revealed what caused the instant death of two kidnap victims whom they were abducted together.

The victim, told BBC Hausa Service that two of the kidnapped passengers were killed for admitting that they had nobody to pay their ransom.

“I was traveling to Kaduna and we left Zuba garage on a commercial car. On reaching Katari (town), we met the kidnappers; 7 of them. They stopped us and chased us into the tick of the bush. We trekked from 1pm until 3am.

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“We don’t know where they kept us in the bush, because I have never been to a tick of a bush like that. We were very tired, and were fasting. We did not eat until 2am. I had a wristwatch and I checked the time when they brought us a bread and mineral. It was 2am,” he said.

On what they did to them upon arrival at their destination, he said “They instantly killed 2 people because they had nobody to pay their ransoms. They later divided themselves into two: some of the them took three people elsewhere, while two of us were taken by the other group to another location.

“They did not tell us anything and I don’t know what they did with others. Only God knows whether they are still alive or dead. I symphatise with their situation in view of what we went through: whether they are free now or still with them.

“They had other kidnapped people in their custody. But we did not see them. They were the ones who told us about them. And the ringleader’s phone was persistently being called by the relatives of the people. Their leader even put the phone on speaker for us to hear their conversations.

On the identity of the kidnappers, he said “None of them masked his face. They were Fulani. Although they rubbed some colour on their faces, even that washed away later and we saw their real faces. They wore army uniforms and held sophisticated guns. AKs.

“At first when they waved for us to stop, we thought they were soldiers on a routine security checks. But as we moved closer, it dawned on us that they were not the real army. We notice their shoes were robber shoes, normally worn by Fulanis.”
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