These Photos Are Trending Online - How Politicians Behave If They Want Your Votes

These pictures are as funny as naija comedians and yet they are saying nothing on stage. Now I understand the adage that says "A picture speaks a thousand words". These are our dear politicians and they keep using this strategy anytime they need people to vote for them.

Let me recall the words of the wisest man on earth. I call him the wisest man on earth because his words are gold. His name is Robert Greene and he said in one of his numerous books that "When is election time, the politicians (courtier) will identify with the poor, begging for their votes and after they are elected to that position, they will use that position against the same people that voted for them".

Does that make sense to you? I think it does and I want every Nigerian to see through the charades of these so called political class so that in the next election, you vote your conscience. The pictures are funny thought.

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These Photos Are Trending Online - How Politicians Behave If They Want Your Votes These Photos Are Trending Online - How Politicians Behave If They Want Your Votes Reviewed by Exlink Lodge on Tuesday, June 06, 2017 Rating: 5


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