Quit Notice: Igbos Begin Fleeing From North Following Quit Notice

Some Biafrans "Igbos resident" in the North have already begun relocating to other parts of Nigeria, following the quit notice issued by the Coalition of Northern Youths.

Though the directive has now been rescinded, barely a week ago, the Coalition of Northern Youths had given all Igbos resident in the north a 90 days directive to vacate the region, and also asked Hausas in the east to return back to their places of origin.

According to Daily Post, during a visit to the "God is Good Motor" Park in Mando, Kaduna State on Thursday, June 8, the park was brimming with Igbos returning back to the east. One of the fleeing Igbos identified himself as Ifeanyi Odozie, an electric appliance dealer.

According to Odozie:

He was leaving because he didn’t want to put his family at risk. He further disclosed that he did not trust the government to protect him and his family. Odozie stated: “I have been in this place for thirty years but I think I have overstayed my welcome here.

I will take my family to the village and return by next week to sell off some of my belongings here. “The federal government won’t be there to save us when problem starts. “Since they (the northern youths) gave their order, who has been arrested? “I also have my village, it is high time I returned home.” 

Another Igbo who was interviewed identified herself as Chioma Okoye, a trader of second hand clothes at the Kaduna Central market in Kaduna. In her words: 

“I want to go and rest for a while. I really don’t know what these people are up to. I will come back when they are ready to accommodate us.”

When our reporter approached one of the travelers, who gave his name as Mazi Obiekwe, he angrily said, “go and ask Buhari and his kinsmen why they want us to leave their land.” When prodded further how long he has been in Kano, he simply said, “Seems they sent you after me this morning. Don’t let me invoke ‘amadioha’ to punish you.”

Meanwhile, prominent Nigerians, including the president, senators, past leaders have affirmed that every Nigerian has the right to live in any part of the country
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