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Married Lady Caught Cheating With A Man, Made To Have Sexy With Him Publicly - Video

This is the weirdest video I have ever seen this week and it is indeed horrific. The video conveys that the woman is said to be married and was caught with another man. From the language heard in the video, it is believed that this happened in Ibo speaking state.

In the video, the mobs asked the man to continue making love to the woman in the public while passersby watched. They finally asked the woman to get on top and keep having s*x but as fear has griped the man’s little Jonny he could not get it up.

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What kind of jungle justices is this? This is terrible. 

See video below @ http://nigeriana.org/love-lifestyle/faith/married-woman-gets-caught-romping-another-man-see-video/

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