#BuhariAbsenteePresident Trends On Twitter - You Need To See This

Where is our dear President? Nobody is telling Nigerians what they want to hear. Lai Muhammed, his own lies is even worst. I even heard Aisha Buhari wasn't even able to see her husband when she went to London. 

The question is, Is our president still alive?

In fact I need to blame somebody for all this and I can't even blame APC for fielding a President that is as old as Buhari. I blame PDP for not living up to their expectation as opposition party. They are not pressuring this APC at all. I remember vividly what APC did when Ya'Adua was sick. 

Well, #BuhariAbsenteePresident is now trending on tweeter, which is only were Nigerians can actually ask questions this days. Is pathetic. 

See tweets below...

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