Tweet Of The Day: My Land Lady Called A Prophet To Come & Pray On A Faulty Generator

I don't know if women are getting more gullible everyday or maybe the prophets and pastors in Nigeria has been blinded by stupidity. How can someone call you to come and pray for a faulty generator that has not be serviced for more than 2 years and yet you carry your bible and off you go.

What is happening in this country? This twitter user @KneWKeeD shared this tweet today and it has been trending. About how his land lady who called a white garment prophet to come and pray on a faulty generator that hasn't been serviced for 2 years. And yet she came.

Which way Nigeria?

See people's reactions below... 

Tweet Of The Day: My Land Lady Called A Prophet To Come & Pray On A Faulty Generator Tweet Of The Day: My Land Lady Called A Prophet To Come & Pray On A Faulty Generator Reviewed by Exlink Lodge on Monday, May 01, 2017 Rating: 5


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