Nigerian Builds Aero-Amphibious Car - Designed To Fly, Go On Road & Water - Photos

Just when you thought you have seen it all, you get the surprise of your life. A Nigeria inventor, Durojaiye Kahinde Obasanjo who single-handedly invented and constructed what he called an aero-amphibious car with three operational designs to move on the road, sail on the sea and also fly had a chat with CYRIACUS NNAJI in Yaba, Lagos in one of his awareness creation movements. 

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Scientific and technological advancement by any na­tion remains the fulcrum for meaningful economic growth and development. Such milestone would definitely bring about the multiplier effect of employment, peace and progress in the country.
However, in many instances, it appears African leaders, especially Nige­rian leaders prefer to chase shad­ows rather than concrete actions that would end in positive results. They preach research and local contents at conferences, summits, radio, television and print media delivered in most refined “Eng­lishes”, but do little or nothing to promote research. Yet, no nation develops without research. That the aeroplane, ship or car is flying, sailing in water or moving on the road today is evidence of years of research efforts enhanced, coor­dinated and sponsored by serious governments and organisations.

Such governments hunt for tal­ents anywhere they can find one, engage it and the person’s success becomes the nation’s success. It promotes economic growth and it forestalls brain-drain. Conversely, Nigerian leaders feel such scientific and technologi­cal achievements are achieved on a platter of gold. For you to excel you must pay attention to the minutest detail, things you feel are not im­portant, you would even listen to mad people because their idea may make sense one day.

In the 1980s, stories were told about a man who invented Radio Mbaise. In the story he went to Chief Onunaka Mbakwe of blessed memory, the then Governor of Imo State and made his inventions known to the governor. In the end he left empty handed on account of paucity of fund as claimed by the governor, but after six months, the governor bought a private jet. People wondered if there is any co-relation between a private jet and the welfare and quest for scientific and technological advancement of the people.

Durujaye Kahinde Obasanjo, is a Nigerian inventor, he invented and constructed an aero-amphib­ious car. He said, “The concept is that it is designed to move on land, sea and fly. But out of the three op­erations I have achieved two. The vehicle can move on road and sea presently. But due to financial con­straint I am yet to make it fly.

“Though, I have built a model that flies, at least it has been tested and it can fly 400 metres above sea level. I did this with local materials, Obasanjo said. In order to create awareness for his goods, he said: “What I did was to document my work into a CD for people to see what I am doing; People should bring their children so that we can train them; our chil­dren are more intelligent. I am not selling CD, but anybody can ap­preciate what I am doing.

On how he got his knowledge, Obasanjo stated that he was in­spired by creative dexterity, adding that Babangida was the president that visited him in 1990 and CNN has described him as a “self-made inventor”
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