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Mass Termination Of Appointment By Etisalat Nigeria: Workers Cry Out

MTN Nigeria recently sacked about 280 workers and it seems Etisalat Nigeria is following suit. One of the staff of Etisalat and a Nairaland shared this information today and suffice to say, it seems the fact that Mr. President is ill is making these Telecoms go gaga with sacking spree. I wont be surrise if banks start sacking again.

According the Etisalat Staff:

I Started My career as a customer care agent with Etisalat (contract staff) four (4) years ago (April -19-2013), with good attitude to work and no issue. Surprisingly few days ago my appointment got terminated with other colleagues mine on the same date I was employed (April-19-2017-Exactly 4years) without any reason.. 

This is totally unacceptable..(April-19/2013 to April-19/2017). The Saddest Part of My story is that I got the termination letter few weeks to My Wedding Day......

So confused and I don't know what to do...

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Could this be as a result of hearing that he wants to get married?

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