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Lady Exposes Identity & Conversation Of A Lesbian Disturbing Her On WhatsApp

I don't know why people of same s*x things always forcefully wants companion by all means. They should know that what they are doing is out of the ordinary. They will always go to lengths to get a convert to join them. If its something natural, you don't need to force it on anybody. Talk about devil wanting people to join him in sin by all means.

To be a lesbian na by force? A Nigeria lady based in Ghana has heard enough  and decided to shared screenshots of the conversation she had on Whatsapp with another lady. A Lesbian actually. From the chats, the Lesbian Girl, Sophia has been stalking the Lady, Sugar Lov. While Sophia says she’s in love with her Sugar, the latter is disgusted by her approach.

Sugar, apparently declined her offer, because she’s not into girls.. But Sophia says she’d do whatever it takes to get her.

Read conversation below:

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