Is The Release Of 80 Or 82 Or 83 Chibok Schoolgirls Stage? - See The Discrepancies

Is The Release Of 80 Chibok Schoolgirls Stage? - See The Discripancies

I may not have been born in 60's or 70's but I am surely wasn't born yesterday. The news of the release of Chibok Schoolgirls broke in the afternoon of today being 6th May, 2017 and I was very happy when I heard it but now am not. There are too much discrepancies that I will not do justice to if I don't point it out.

The information is confusing. In the first place, many Nigerians believe Chibok Schoolgirls issue was staged from the on set and it was just orchestrated to dethrone former president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Could this be true? I for ones has been disproving that notion but now, I am inclined to see the obvious reason to believe it. The gray areas are too much.

One of the best discussion board in Nigeria, Nairaland, will let you know how Nigerians feel about this news. Though many feel is a welcomed development, but 89% of comments their simply believe that this is staged from the onset. One of the comments states:

Re: 80 Kidnapped Chibok Girls Freed By Boko Haram by mars123(m): 7:50pm

Bet why? Why is Nigeria like this? Why is the thirst for power greater than the love of fellow humans, fellow blacks? Now its looking like this bs has been staged from the beginning. The Nigerian government that can't even negotiate the security of its citizens wants me to believe they are spending resources negotiating the release of some forgotten girls. Nah i ain't buying no more. This right here folks is the greatest scam ever done in this country.

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Another comment by a Nigerian

I tell you, I thought I was the only person been overtly 'sensitive'.

Those girls have been fine all along. We'll recollect that Obasanjo in the heat of the kidnap hype that time went into 'Boko Harams camp' to check the girls. He came back with prophecy of doom that most of the girls may not come back...For me this may/maynot be partly due to the fact that No girl was kidnapped in the 1st place.

Secondly they needed something concrete against GEJ and the Master Crafters are still alive...(IBB, Obj, Danjuma, Abdusalami). The hype by Western countries about Chibok was more than a Kidnap plot...It was a means to an end (topple GEJ)....Now it's achieved and cleverly did a fast one on us during 2015 campaign by ensuring that Bringing Chibok Girls back was included in PMB priorities (whether he's aware of the plot or otherwise).

Madam Oby Ezeks was not part of the plot apparently and She was USED on a supposedly just cause. In the process she got personal with the Army spokesman who clearly were in the know from the day the said girls were 'kidnapped'.

Note: Immediately the news broke that some school girls have been kidnapped while writing exams, the Army few hours later DEBUNKED it on TV and said No girls were kidnapped. 24hours later, the same Army through the spokesman came out again to retract their initial stance and Confirm that a number of girls were 'kidnapped'. This led to conflicting reports on the ACTUAL NUMBER to be claimed officially.

Also there was issue of failed Negotiation.

The 3 musketeers (OBJ, IBB, Abdusalami) held a closed-door meeting in Minna just last week. It is not unconnected to this 'release' which is part of series of underground schemes they may have done on behalf of PMB.

The 21 girls that were exchanged last year happened shortly after May 29...(can't remember the precise date). These 82 girls are released 3weeks before may 29. We should also not forget that Boko Haram had at some in the past nominated Muhammad Buhari to represent them at the earliest stage of 'negotiation'. I couldn't agree more with you that the Chibok case has been one might ruse played on the intelligence of Nigerians.

Needless to bring to your notice that 167 people liked the comment as at just 4 hours of posting it and it is growing. In my own disbelieve, I would like to point out my reasons:

As of now, I can't state categorically how many girls has been released because the numbers are still conflicting. CNN reported 82 Chibok Schoolgirls was released which is were I got my cues but ABC News reported 83, BBC News reported 80 while Aljazera reported 62. Though most of the Nigerian news papers, especially NAN reported 82, Daily Trust reported 60. You can see the picture of the search I did on Google above.

I don't know if this is staged or a deceit by Nigerian government or not (though many people believe it is), but I don't understand why the numbers of the purportedly released Chibok girls cannot be correlated accurately by the military or top government officials involved. 

So, do you think I have any iota of reason to not believe? I think I do. What do you think?
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