Everything About Chibok Smelled Funky! Journalist Princess Pako On Chibok Girls

The kidnap of Chibok Schoolgirls by Boko Haram has been a subject the entire citizens of Nigeria has a mixed reaction about. Almost 90% of Nigerians thinks the Chibok girls issue is the greatest scam of the century but can't really figure out how to make their case hence relying on discrepancies in the reporting of the incident.

Not until now, it has always been rumors or partisan ideas if one thinks chibok girl issue is a scam or not. While the supporters of APC which is the incumbent government can die while they discuss the issue of chibok girl, saying is a real event, they opposition party, PDP supporters can also give their life as the protest that the chibok girl kidnap issue was the scam of the century orchestrated just to remove Goodluck Ebele Jonathan from the presidency.

The truth is, right from the time the issue of chibok girl kidnap began, over 90% of Nigerians knew it was false. Though it served its purpose of removing PDP from the seat of governance, people had no option than to vote PDP out then, considering that Nigeria needed change and PDP has ruled for more than 16 years. With the boko haram issue and chibok girls kidnap, it was the right time for a change.

People wondered why negotiations to release chibok girl during this present APC administration is easy. During GEJ time, none of the girls were released and the same military are still in power today. Why is it easier? Most people in Nigeria thinks is because the president government is not actually negotiating with the enemy rather a cohorts. I have also written a lot about the discrepancies in this chibok girls issue and you can read that here...

But today marks a revolution in the affairs of boko haram and chibok girls issue as a journalist, who was on ground to interview the purported chibok girls parents, reveals a disheartening story. She said that the chibok girl issue is nothing but a scam. She said is fishy and that the only reason she didn't shout on top of her voice for Nigerians to know was because she was working with the NDA.

In a series of tweets, the freelance journalist reveals too much that begs too much questions and msst not be let to die like that. In fact, this should be enough to call for the suspension or resignation of all APC government officials if they law permits.

See journalist, Princess Pako's tweets below


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