Nigeria Fans Blast Victor Moses For “Diving” To Win Penalty Against Spurs

I don't know what is wrong with Nigerians. Is it joblessness or utter stupidity? I don't see how one will say that Victor Moses dived to win a penalty. I watched the match live and their is no diving their. He must have made the most out of the contact but guess what! This is football. If you call out Victor for diving, what will then call two penalties for Barcelona against PSG match?

Victor Moses has receive serious backlash from fans on Twitter, who feel he dived to win Chelsea the penalty that gave them a 2-1 lead against Tottenham, in their FA Cup semi-final clash on Saturday. The Blues took the lead in the 4th minute through Willian’s free-kick, before Harry Kane equalized with a header.

Moses then raced into the penalty box and Heung-min Son slid in. The Nigerian tumbled onto the pitch and referee Martin Atkinson awarded the spot-kick. Atkinson’s decision did not go down well with some observers.
Some tweets below:
’em @_ace_xi: victor moses is a criminal, but son is the guy who left his mercedes unlocked in the hood.
David Bradshaw @DavidBradshaw23: Victor Moses should be banned for that dive

Goosey @joshsimmons90: Victor Moses, that’s a disgusting dive! #FACup

Elliot @Elliot2110: HEADLINE: Victor Moses wins Olympic Diving Gold Medal! The nations first ever medal #CHETOT

Zeme United @sleekygurl: That victor moses’ ojoro move was a clever one

I have got to say this and I don't care what people think. For all Chelsea fans worldwide, you guys have my backing After all:

1. Barcelona denied us more than three penalties in 2009.
2. Herrera handball led to a goal last week at Old Trafford.
3. Manchester United once gave us two red cards (Torres and Ivanovic) to draw from 3-0 down
4. Luis Garcia ghost goal UEFA champions League semi-final 2005.
5. Even our Real Madrid needed two offside goals and fake red card to eliminate Bayern Munich.

So once again we don't care.
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