Maid Steals Oga's $10,000, Converts To Naira At N86 Per Dollar In Lagos

The police in Lagos have arrested a maid, Blessing Paul for allegedly stealing her boss’ $10,000 in Gbagada, Lagos State. Paul was alleged to have forcibly opened the boss’ room with a knife and collected the money while the woman was at work.

It was gathered that the maid, who had been stealing money and other valuables from her victim’s home, handed over the foreign currencies to the house guard identified as Daniel. The guard, it was gathered, handed the money to a security man at another residence in Gbagada, who in turn took it to a Bureau De Change (BDC) operator for the Naira equivalent.

But the operator was said to have told policemen he received only about $5,000 from Amos. Instead of giving them N360/USD, the BDC operator gave the suspects at N86 per dollar, thereby shortchanging the alleged thieves of more than two million naira.

According to the command’s spokesman, Olarinde Famous-Cole, an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), the woman they stole from was one Mrs. Tokunbo. He said the maid confessed that the woman has been very kind to her, adding that she usually bought clothes and gift items for her to take to her family in Benue State.
Cole said that the BDC operator gave the suspects N870, 000 as equivalent for $5,000, adding that the police have recovered N400, 000 from there. “We also found N400, 000 in the maid’s bank account but we are following court’s procedure to seize the money. 

The BDC operator was allegedly given $10,000 but he claimed he only received $5,000. Investigation revealed that money and valuables have been missing in the house, but the woman didn’t suspect the maid until the theft of foreign currency last week.”

Edito's Note:

You have to be careful when dealing with BDC agent. I wont be far from the truth if I say all of them are criminals. Maybe not all but please and please and please, if you want to change better money from their hand, abeg carry them go your bank so that you pay it directly to your account. 

This people are terrible and am talking from a experience. I lost one of my friend just because of less than N250,000 he changed from this people. They traced him and being a stubborn guy, they had to kill him and collect the money.

They are similar to drug dealers because their goal is simply to cheat their customers in anyway they can. I don't even know why we have BDC in this country if not for the interest of the so called politicians. Banks can this transactions more than them.
Maid Steals Oga's $10,000, Converts To Naira At N86 Per Dollar In Lagos Maid Steals Oga's $10,000, Converts To Naira At N86 Per Dollar In Lagos Reviewed by Exlink Lodge on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 Rating: 5

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