Fraudstar Masterminds Another Multi-million Naira Fraud From Kuje Prison

Even from prison. How did he get access to a phone or internet? Ifeanyi Ezenwa, a Kuje Maximum Prison inmate, Abuja, who also heads a gang that specializes in defrauding their victims, especially businessmen through the use of fake bank alerts, has been accused of masterminding a multi-million Naira fraud from prison. 
It was gathered that they normally do this on Friday, knowing that banks don't operate on weekends. It is alleged that Ezenwa has 17 different fraud cases pending in different courts. "When I received the alert, it had my previous balance in it and the total money was balanced. I wondered how he was able to get access into my account," a victim said.

According to a Police source, Ezenwa, committed the said crimes with a smart phone smuggled into the Prison, and also connected to the internet. It is alleged that he browses through online retail sites like OLX, JiJi and Jumia, where he connects with people who wants to sell their valuables especially cars, chatting with them via Whatsapp.

Investigations so far has revealed that he collected 15 tractors in Delta, 18 Land Cruiser Prado Jeeps, Hummer buses from Elizade motors, three exotic cars from a car stand in Abuja and 8 trucks from Edo.

Until IRT operatives recently smashed the syndicate, his wife didn’t know he was in prison. When police stormed his home in Abuja to impound stolen cars, the woman told them that there must have been a mistake somewhere.

She told the IRT men that her husband was in Italy and used to call her often with an international number. "He used to send money to his wife from prison; his sister and brothers knew he was in prison, but his wife didn’t," a police source said.

He is alleged to have built several houses and a hotel, from the loot got from his fraudulent activities while in prison.

That about destiny, is this his calling?

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