BBNaija Finale: Efe aka Based On Logistics Declared Winner Of Big Brother Nigeria 2017

Is just like a dream. The mush publicized Big Brother Nigeria has come and gone. Many highs and lows, people threatening to shot the program down as well as people advising Nigerian government to ban them from airing the show in Nigeria. It say it was touch is in fact an understatement. But finally, in all in all, Shakespeare said, All is well that ends well.

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Well, the only male housemate remaining among the last five big brother housemate, Efe has been declared the winner of 2017 Big Brother Nigeria show. His joy right now is uncontrollable and he is even crying. This is in fact the collective efforts of Nigerians because majority voted and wanted him to win. I wish political election will be this transparent one day in Nigeria.

The housemate, Efe won overwhelmingly Nigerians voted immensely for him. He got a blistering 57.61% of all votes to win Big Brother Naija 2017. See the chat below...

Five of the remaining housemate tonight was Tboss, Debie-Rise, Bisola and Efe as shown in the above chat. Marvis was the first to be evicted tonight followed by Debie-Rise. Nigerians however erupted when controversial housemate Tboss was evicted. They couldn't believe it as even though everybody was rotting for Efe to win, they perceived Tboss as a formidable and treacherous person in the house. And to the relieve and joy of most Nigerian, she she was the third person to be evicted tonight.

Tboss wasn't to go home empty handed as she won the Over All Winner Of House Games in Big Brother House and she went home with N500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) prize. Even at that, Nigerians felt she doesn't deserve it. Click here to see how Nigerians reacted to Tboss eviction. She was the talk of the town because of the controversy surrounding her. First off, she is hot tempered, she was the mean cause of Kemen disqualification and to crown it all up, she attacked Debie-Rise for challenging her to recite National Anthem. And by the way, she couldn't recite Nigeria National Anthem.

Bisola was the last runner up of the Big Brother Nigeria show as Efe was declared winner of the grand prize which is N25m and a brand new SUV. Bisola on her own part was a rude girl in the house. If she is not hitting on you or love you, she will be goddam rude to the person. This prompted one journalist in Nigeria, after watching a footage of an altercation involving Bisola and Tboss, he said and I quote "this is why no man can last in marriage with her". He also went further and said "I pity the man that will keep her in the house as a wife".

However, the Big Brother Naija housemate Bisola has become the latest ONE Campaign Ambassador after she won the ONE Campaign task prize. This is huge for her I must say and she will be speaking among the princes and princess, politicians and different calibre of people in United Nation (UN).

Even though at the on set, most Nigerians were asking what Big Brother is all about and can't really fathom the idea and what it portrays as well as how it it benefiting the citizenry. Some Nigerians went as far as criticizing the show, saying it is immoral because of the acts of the housemates but as time on, Nigerians came around and started to love the show.

However, Big Brother is just a platform to showcase who you are and what you can do. Is not all about the house politics and other things in the house, though everybody is gunning for the grand prize which is N25m. But it sets you up for more opportunities, launches you into your dreams, and sets you up for prosperity.

More pics....

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