"10 Stupid Questions One Should Seriously Need To Stop Asking"

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I have come across some of the most ridiculous questions in my life and I can’t help but wonder why people ask such dumb questions or if they actually think, before asking. What I have learnt over the time is, we often don’t pay attention to the actual meanings of this questions, we just use them based on the fact that everyone is and most of us got to know them while growing up in our various neighbourhood.

Here are the questions you should stop asking because they can be sometimes be dumb, ridiculous or basically not your business.

Here are 10 stupid questions you should seriously stop asking people:

1. How was your night: Now this is one of the most ridiculous question you could ever ask someone, what you are simply asking is how they slept with their spouse, What is your business with how someone spend the night with their loved one? So please if you must ask such question, use hope you slept well.

2.What are you doing here: Most often I get this question when I run into a friend at the mall , in the cinema , or just at an events etc. And it can be so annoying when someone sees you in a supermarket and they still pop out the annoying question “What are you doing here?” What else could I be doing at the cinema or the mall? Please stop asking this dumb question.

3. Why are you still single: Like seriously?? How is this your problem how long someone wants to remain single or how they choose to live their life? Please you don’t just walk up to people and start asking why they are still single. Its’ annoying.

4.Are you the last: Now this is one of the most annoying questions I get whenever I’m on a queue. Now someone walks into the bank and sees you as the last man standing either on a queue at the ATM, or in front of the teller at a bank, then the next question you get is are you the last? Now the annoying part of this question is the fact that they asking you if you are the last and not the last person on the queue. Please use your common sense and just stay behind the queue.

5. Do you know who I am: [/b]Nigerians are just too fond of this statement. Do you know who I am? The truth is nobody cares about who you are, If you are truly someone of importance as you think, you wouldn’t need to remind us of how precious you are.

[b]6. How much did you buy it:
One thing I’ve also noticed in this part of the world is when you buy a new car, laptop, shoes, dress, phone, property, watch etc just name it, the next question you get from people is how much did you buy it? Now it leaves me wondering if you are trying to refund me the money or you are trying to know my worth. I still don’t get why people ask such silly question anyways.

7. Have you eaten: This question often comes up when people want to show how much they care. But the asking me if I have eaten when you won’t provide food , if I haven’t eaten is just as dumb as you can think. So next time you are about asking this question, please ask yourself, will I provide the food if the person says No, I haven’t eaten yet.

8. When are you getting married: When will people learn to seriously mind their own business. When people ask this question I can’t help but wonder how this is supposed to be their business. It’s not as if they will be providing you with any monetary assistance for your wedding or moral supports needed. So why make my getting married your business.

9. When will you start having kids: I have heard this over a million times, when will you start having your own kids, your mates are already having children. This is supposed to be personal between couples or individuals when they deem it fit to raise a child and not a discussion meant for the market square. So please this is just out of line and none of your business.

10. When will you take me out: This is one question I detest mostly from ladies, you meet a guy and you guys got talking and the next question you ask is when are you taking me out? Now this is not just a dumb question but tells the guy how immature you are. If you must ask a guy out on a date, There are better ways to go about it and not make yourself look cheap like a baby that is taken out on a date.

If there are other annoying, stupid, dumb questions you have heard, You can place them in the comment below.
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