Uefa To Demote Referee Following Too Many Errors During Barcelona 6-1 PSG Match

Deniz Aytekin is set to be sidelined and demoted by Uefa after the referee came under pressure for several wrong decisions in Barcelona’s 6-1 win over Paris Saint-Germain in Spain. Never in champions league that a team have been able to overcome a 4-0 deficit until Barcelona Vs PSG match which marred by too many errors from the officiating referee. 

Barcelona pulled off an incredible comeback after heading into the second leg 4-0 down. The Catalan giants conceded an away goal to seemingly kill the game before and scoring three goals in the final seven minutes. Neymar’s superb free kick in the 88th minute sparked a goal rush as Barcelona scored the winner in the 95th minute.

The two penalties warded to Barcelona are not penalty offences and unfortunately, nothing can be done after the match according to Uefa rules. But at least some messures can be taken in other to not allow such a bad officiating in Uefa games. The second penalty decision that put Barcelona within a goal of pulling off the unlikely fightback was more controversial than the first, as Luis Suarez went down under minimal contact.

Aytekin pointed to the spot much to the fury of the PSG players who had already seen the referee book Suarez for diving earlier in the game. The referee consulted with his assistant behind the goal despite having a better view of the incident and being closer to the action. The German is now set to be taken off any future Champions League games and will not be given the chance to referee another high profile match this season.

Marca claim Aytekin could be demoted to lesser games and may even be sidelined from officiating all together as Uefa wait for the heat to die down.

Editor's Note:

In fact, to me, they need to fire that referee and investigate him for match fixing. They are even talking about the second penalty that their was minimal contact or no contact at all. The first one is even the worst decision to me. This guy fail down following a misstep and he didn't know that Neymar was coming from his left side and just "fake felled into him" and the referee blew a penalty.

He should have given that Neymar guy a red card. I was so disappointed that night.

see the video again below..

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