See Reno Omokri's Assertion Over Apostle Suleman's S*x Scandal & El Rufai

Former GEJ's presidential aide Reno Omokri can't just stop letting Nigerians know his mind in the situation of thing in the country even when his thoughts is clearly not needed. He finds a way to critic everything going on in the incumbent APC government while forgetting that his principal is the main reason why Nigeria is were it is today. No wonder BBC described him as a high profile broadcaster.

He shared another interesting piece on his Facebook few minutes ago regarding the one going s*xual scandal involving Omega Fire Ministries G.O, apostle Suleman and Stephanie Otobo as well as the involvement of the "cabals" as they call it, using Kaduna State Governor, El Rufai as a case study.

In Omokri's words:

Not that I agree With Omega Fire Ministry's allegation that Nasir El-Rufai is behind Stephanie Otobo, but there are many coincidences and it begs questions. On March 29, 2016, Suleman challenged Elrufai over his Preaching License Bill. On April 3, 2016, Elrufai responded. A man who can pay herdsmen (as he himself admitted) instead of arresting them shouldn't be underestimated. 

What is Suleman accused of? Sleeping with Otobo. Okay, El-Rufai tweeted on January 28, 2013 that “if Jesus criticises Jonathan’s government, Maku, Abati or Okupe will say that he slept with Mary Magdalene”. That tweet betrays a mindset. If a man can say this about Jesus, one wonders what will happen to a mere mortal. Also, of all the states in Nigeria, why did the second faceless accuser ask for the protection of the Kaduna state govt. Does Kaduna have a reputation for peace or security? 

And why would a govt confirm such a thing to Premium Times? Then consider what President Obasanjo, Elrufai's boss of 8 years, wrote about him in his book 'My Watch Vol 2 “Nasir’s penchant for reputation savaging is almost pathological.” What is happening to Suleman today? Is it not 'reputation savaging'?

Any suggestions? 
See Reno Omokri's Assertion Over Apostle Suleman's S*x Scandal & El Rufai See Reno Omokri's Assertion Over Apostle Suleman's S*x Scandal & El Rufai Reviewed by Exlink Lodge on Thursday, March 16, 2017 Rating: 5

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