Romance: Lies Women Tell To Themselves - Tonto Dikeh & Tiwa Savage

I decided to write this article as a result of the argument that erupted from my comment on the Tonto dike's failed marriage brouhaha thread. Before I actually write on the topic gangan, Allow me to quickly share a real life story with you.

There is a grandpa. A rich grandpa, happily married to a beautiful woman with 7 very successful kids. The wife of this grandpa is a very strict and prayerful woman who believes that being strict and prayerful helps you keep other women away from your husband. She has been successful and victorious so far. They have never had a cheating scandal in 50 years of their marriage(or,so she thinks).

Recently, the grandpa called his first son(prolly because he knows he is close to his grave) and narrated the story of how he got another woman pregnant and the woman gave birth to the child with an oath that she won't ever bring the child to disrupt his marital home.He has actually been feeding and financing thd child without the knowledge of any member of his family. He said he told his son so that they could know that they have a sibling out there somewhere and bring him home after his death. He also asked the son to promise not to tell his mother or any of his siblings the secret. 

So, Faithful Grandpa with a perfect marriage(In people's mind)actually has a son ouside marriage and his wife of over 50 years of marriage doesn't know. She thinks that she was successful in her quest for a hundred percent faithful man. She is the type that throws jab at other women with problems in their marriages and tell them to come to her and ask her how she did it, how her prayers, strictness and everything weren't in vain afterall. 

She still hasn't found out, right. I wonder what her reaction will be the day she finally finds out that her 'faithful' husband has not been faithful afterall.

Now to the koko oro..

It pains me when i see my fellow women bragging about how they cannot stay with a man that is not contented with staying faithful to only them for the rest of his life. They say they will leave the man, that there are plenty more men still out there in the world... "No time to check time".. LOL.

You think that every 'perfect' marriage that you see, that you envy, that you hope for has been able to stand gidigba without sacrifices??  You think that because Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs do not come out to wash their dirty linen in public, they haven't had their own shares of marriage trouble??  See, It takes a very very very patient and enduring woman to stay in any marriage.

You can't stay with a man that won't cheat at all?? Then, walk the fvck outta the relationship and don't ever go about saying "All men should be able to stay faithful to one woman for the rest of their life". You think Tonto Dike didn't think churchhill would remain faithful to only her for the rest of his life because he loves her?

You think Tiwa Savage didn't think that Teebillz would remain faithful to her forever? What with all her money and the banging body and everything? Does edible Catering have more money than Tiwa? Or a hotter body? What did edible Catering have that Tiwa doesn't?? Why wasn't Tiwa able to keep Tee down, even with everything?

Even Beyonce suffered her own share of unfaithfulness from JayZ.. And you are here forming, "I can't stay with a man that isn't hundred percent faithful"?? , "I can't ever share my man"??  Fine. You can't. Then leave! Leave and go from one man to another in the quest for your model man.  If a man loves you, He will prolly cheat in the hope or fear that you don't find out but don' t ever believe there is a hundred percent faithful man, specially moulded for you somewhere.. Because you are miss perfect too ahbi?

I know some of you will come here to say that you are praying for the perfect men and God will answer it. Well.. Reality check: 90% of those with failed marriages also scouted and prayed for the perfect man. You ain't better than them. 


And for those of you men that will come here to say that they can't cheat on their woman, I don't even have anything to say to you. Just keep telling that to those who would believe. Maybe some 10% of you (tryna be generous with the figure) can be faithful, but you all know nature, you can't stay faithful to one hole.

Explains why a man that has one curvy, beautiful babe at home will see another curvy babe on the streets and his dick will still rise.????

PS: Ladies, don't hope for a totally faithful man, just pray for one that doesn't throw it in your face. In fact I have met a lady that had 4 kids with different fathers and yet thinking of getting a perfect man someday... REALLY????

By Lawlahdey
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